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Long Potrero is an 1800 acre property in the southeast of San Diego county, located approximately 5 miles southwest of Lake Morena and 4 miles north of the U.S. border with Mexico.  It provides preservation and management for impacts to:

  • 7 sensitive vegetation communities (chaparral, coastal sage scrub, grassland, freshwater wetlands and streams, riparian forest and scrub, and woodlands.

  • 3 listed wildlife species (Quino checkerspot butterfly, arroyo toad, and least Bell’s vireo)

  • Tecate tarplant

  • Native oaks, including Engelmann oak 

  • Federal and State jurisdictional waters



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BCLT holds California state certification to own and manage official mitigation lands. This unique state endorsement enables partnerships with exceptional state, federal, military and private organizations in land conservation across San Diego's East County.

With state and federal grants, plus private support and our own matching contributions, 600 acres of the Long Potrero valley are owned by BCLT.


Currently, BCLT is under contract with SDGE to manage an adjacent 1,200 acres of Long Potrero valley, which are deemed official mitigation lands by USFWS and CDFW. It is anticipated that upon 5 years of successful interim management in accordance with the Habitat Management Plan, SDGE will convey ownership of the 1,200 acres to BCLT.

BCLT recognizes that ancestral Kumeyaay culture was an integral part of local biology.  A cooperative relationship between KDLC and BCLT reinforces the historical significance of the properties and ensures that stewardship expresses the best standards and most appropriate management of these invaluable lands.


Renee Owens

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